Artist Statement

Humans have long struggled to control nature. My art is inspired by this struggle. The idea of controlled nature is an oxymoron, however, because control and nature are opposites, each equal in strength. The human condition is to work toward creating a perfect environment where there is no disease or discomfort. This struggle can be seen in botanical gardens where humans attempt to shape the natural world. Each art piece I create takes basic elements of nature and transforms them into a small part of our continuing story.

In experimenting with glaze recipes and firing methods, I must relinquish control. Each new work emerges from the kiln transformed by the heat, telling new stories about the interactions between nature and human’s struggle for control. Sometimes a glossy surface appears as a frozen lake or flowing lava.

As an artist I work to create my vision of the world around me, but I never gain full control of the surroundings.

Through creating my work, I gain new perspectives of the world. I hope that in visiting you are able to experience a new perspective of your own.

-Leah Schaperow, ceramic artist